Updating Your NVDC Status Easily and at Any Time

NVDC Status

Have you gone through a life change and want to make sure that you’re in compliance with the USCG? Life changes can happen in the blink of an eye. When they do, the last thing you want is to face fines or worse because you didn’t update the USCG properly. That’s where we can help. Here, we make it easier than ever to update your NVDC status

Embarking on the journey of vessel ownership brings with it the exhilarating freedom to navigate the waters as you see fit. At our vessel documentation site, we are dedicated to empowering vessel owners like you, ensuring that your maritime adventures remain in harmony with regulatory requirements. When life takes unexpected turns, count on us to swiftly guide you through the process of updating your Coast Guard vessel documentation status.

Sailing into New Ownership Waters

Are you changing the owner of your vessel? Have you decided to swap out one managing owner for another? Our user-friendly “Transfer” form, akin to a “Bill of Sale” for undocumented vessels, becomes your ally in updating your status with the Coast Guard.

Whether you’re adding or removing an owner, this form ensures a seamless transition. It’s worth noting that if your NVDC status for your documented vessel bears an outstanding lien or mortgage, you must either settle it or secure permission from the lender before proceeding. That isn’t a “remember to do it if you can” kind of thing – it’s a necessity

Navigating Relocation

As vessel enthusiasts, we understand that life’s currents may lead you to new horizons. 

When you move from one permanent residence to another, it is imperative to inform the Coast Guard promptly. Our site provides the necessary forms to facilitate this update efficiently. You can do so through the “Change of Address” form. 

Similarly, altering your vessel’s “hailing port” demands timely notification to the authorities. Although this may seem like a bureaucratic chore, our streamlined online platform allows you to accomplish it in a matter of minutes from virtually anywhere. Remember, you can make your hailing port anywhere you want it to be, provided that it’s in the United States. 

Charting a Course with Endorsements for Your NVDC Status

Using your vessel as you wish hinges on having the appropriate endorsements. Whether your maritime pursuits involve Coastwise trade, foreign trade (Registry), Fishery operations, or simply enjoying leisurely moments with family and friends (Recreational), we ensure that you remain in compliance with Coast Guard regulations.

At our site, you can pick the right endorsement for your vessel when you initially document your vessel. By that same token, you can change your endorsement through our site, too. 

Tailored Support for Vessel Owners

Recognizing the value of your time, we have crafted our site to simplify the vessel documentation process. Armed with the necessary information, you can complete the required forms within minutes. However, should you encounter any uncertainties, our dedicated support team stands ready to assist. Explore the comprehensive range of services we offer to vessel owners like you on our website.

We are committed to making your vessel ownership experience as smooth as navigating calm waters. To see everything that we offer, click here.

NVDC Status