Tips for Staying Safe this Winter on US Documented Vessels

Documented Vessels

Are you including boat trips with family and friends as part of your holiday plans? Do you plan on ringing in the New Year on the water (or something similar). At our core, we take immense pride in delivering top-notch USCG documentation services for US documented vessels. Our online platform is a comprehensive resource, covering the vessel documentation that you might require. Regardless of the phase you find yourself in as a vessel owner, rest assured you’ll discover all the necessary documentation for your vessel on our site. While we excel in providing these essential services, our commitment goes beyond paperwork. You must boat safely at any time of year. 

We strive to go the extra mile by imparting valuable insights to enhance your boating experience and ensure safety. After all, a secure and safe outing on the water translates to more enjoyment, making memories that last a lifetime. 

Don’t Drink and Operate a Boat, Period

When it comes to operating a boat and driving a car, the same rules apply. It is unsafe to drink while at the helm of a boat. Period. Full stop. No exceptions.  While there is a certain allure to hosting a party on a boat, it’s crucial to exercise smart and responsible behavior. If alcohol is part of the equation, designate a sober driver to operate the boat. Although these guidelines may seem like common sense to many, reiterating them is essential to promote a culture of safety on the water. Far, far too many accidents occur on account of alcohol consumption. 

Always Boat Sober 

Consuming alcohol impairs judgment and cognitive abilities, making it challenging to make sound decisions or even process information. Operating a boat under the influence compromises your physical abilities, impeding quick and competent reactions (to say the very least). 

Maneuvering the boat, steering, and docking become significantly more difficult and unsafe. Therefore, it’s imperative to refrain from being behind the wheel of a boat when under the influence.

Don’t Drink and Swim, Either 

Drinking and entering the water pose additional risks that may not be immediately apparent. The warmth felt after consuming alcohol can mislead swimmers into underestimating the actual water temperature, potentially leading to hypothermia. This is especially true in winter. 

Moreover, alcohol-induced disturbances in the inner ear, combined with impaired cognitive abilities, can disorient individuals, making it challenging to discern up from down. To ensure safety, we strongly advise against drinking and swimming.

Documented Vessels

Operate US Documented Vessels and Any Others Safely Year Round 

Our offerings extend beyond mere USCG documentation services. We aren’t just interested in being a one-time service provider; our goal is to establish a lasting business relationship with each customer. The individual who initially approaches us for a Certificate of Documentation is the same person we hope will return to us for their documentation needs when, down the line, they decide to pass on their vessel to a new owner. We aim to create a community of safer and more informed boaters, fostering a positive environment for everyone on the water.

Responsibility is a cornerstone of boating. We’re here to support your safe and enjoyable boating experience. To see how we can help, click here.