The Benefits of and Ways to Procure a Trustworthy Boat History Report

Boat History Report

Have you been considering purchasing a vessel but want to know the truth about it? Do you want to be as informed as possible before you spend your hard-earned money? An in-depth boat history report can reveal if necessary repairs have been completed, if there are any outstanding liens or mortgages against the vessel, and even confirm who has had possession of the vessel throughout its life. Knowing all this data about your investment will give you greater peace of mind when you sign on the dotted line (if you choose to do so). We can provide help in multiple ways. 

The Vessel Documentation Search

At our site, you can conduct a vessel documentation search. This search is as simple as can be: all you need is a vessel’s official number/HIN (hull identification number). With that, you’ll be able to find out plenty of information about the vessel quickly and easily. You’ll know its particulars, its dimensions when the Certificate of Documentation was issued, when it will expire, and more. 

The Abstract of Title

What you won’t find in our vessel documentation search is the vessel’s owner or its chain of ownership. That information was taken out of these searches sometime in 2018. You can find that info through our site, however. All you have to do is to apply for an Abstract of Title. That will include that information, as well as whether or not there are any outstanding liens/mortgages against a vessel, too. 

Protecting Your Investment

It’s common knowledge that purchasing a boat can be a significant investment. But with any investment, there are risks involved. One major risk that boat buyers face is the potential of buying a vessel that has sustained significant damage in the past. However, with some thorough research and inspection, you can decipher whether a boat has been involved in any serious accidents or damage. Look for any inconsistencies in the boat’s history and pay attention to any repairs made to the hull or other crucial components. Don’t just focus on the surface-level appearance, take a deeper dive and thoroughly inspect the boat’s structure and mechanics. Ultimately, taking the time to investigate a boat’s history and thoroughly inspect it can prevent you from making a costly mistake.

Boat History Report

After You’ve Purchased the Right Vessel

Understanding the essential details that compose a vessel’s history is paramount for any vessel owner. Having knowledge of these details can make the difference between buying the perfect boat of your dreams versus one with unforeseen issues. A boat history report such as what you’ll find in our Abstract of Title, vessel documentation search, or Foreign Vessel Title Search Request (for vessels in select countries) can provide you with the information you need from an unimpeachable source: the USCG. To see all of the other forms we have that can help vessel owners like yourself, check out our site.