Search Documented Vessels Easily at Our Site and More Ways We Help

Search Documented Vessels

Have you been trying to learn more about one vessel or another? Does it seem like it’s hard to find information you can trust about vessels? Indeed, when you’re trying to find out more about a vessel, it’s not easy to know who you should listen to (and who you should avoid). This is one more way that we can help vessel owners. At our site, you can search documented vessels easily and safely. Plus, we have more ways to help than just that. 

How to Search Documented Vessels at Our Site 

To search documented vessels at our site, all you have to do is to go to the left side of the page and click on the “search” option. It should be lower on the left than many of the vessel documentation forms that we offer. Then, just type in a vessel’s Official Name/HIN (hull identification number). This information is not controlled by us (as it’s the USCG’s) and they update it quarterly. So, while this search may provide you with relevant information, it may not fully adjust to every very recent change. 

What This Search Can Show You 

With this, you can learn plenty about a vessel. You can learn its particulars, such as its dimensions, and so forth. Plus, you can learn the status of its documentation, specifically the issuance date of its Certificate of Documentation. You can learn a vessel’s endorsement and plenty of other useful information. Something to keep in mind about this search: you will not learn the identity of the vessel owner (or any past owners). That information was removed from these searches sometime in 2018. 

Learn About Vessels In More Than Just Online Searches 

The above has been said, there is a way to use our site to learn more about vessel owners, their identity, a vessel’s chain of ownership, and so forth. That’s through applying for an Abstract of Title through our site. This document should contain the vessel’s owner as well as everyone else who owned it when it was documented. By that same token, this document will inform you as to whether there are any liens/mortgages against the vessel as well as their status. Many use this form to research vessels before potential purchase, so that they don’t purchase a vessel with outstanding liens against it. 

Search Documented Vessels

More Ways We Help Vessel Owners 

The search is, for so many vessel owners, the first function they utilize our site for. Rarely is it the last. Indeed, many then stay to learn more about a vessel through the Abstract of the Title. Then, once they’ve decided to purchase a vessel, the initial vessel documentation forms (as well as the renewal ones) make it easier than ever to maintain your vessel documentation, so that you can use your vessel how you would like for a long time to come. To see all of the ways that we can help vessel owners such as yourself, click on our site.