Marking Your Vessel According to 46 CFR Part 67 (Subpart i)

 CFR PART  (subpart i) USCG

Marking Your Vessel According to 46 CFR Part 67 (Subpart i)

While going through the process of purchasing your yacht or large recreational boat may seem challenging at times, once you get through it all and the boat is yours you can look forward to many hours of enjoyment on the water. Of course, you may want to get documentation for your vessel from the U.S. Coast Guard, or you may be required to get documentation as a condition of the financing of your vessel. As part of the documentation process, it is important for you to understand the regulations, especially 46 CFR Part 67 (subpart i) so that you can be sure your boat is meeting documentation requirements.

46 CFR PART 67 (subpart i) USCG Online

What Subpart I Outlines

This section of the Coast Guard regulations refers to the documentation of vessels and how documented vessels must be marked. Marking your vessel properly allows it to be easily identified by the Coast Guard and other ships. This can be important to you, particularly in times of distress when an emergency may arise, and you need help. Having your boat marked will allow for faster identification by the Coast Guard so that they know what to look for. The markings are also necessary for you if you want your Certificate of Documentation (COD) to be valid.

Implementing Subpart I

According to the regulations outlined in 46 CFR part 67 (subpart i) your vessel must be marked with your documentation number. The number must be of a certain height (no smaller than three inches) and must be visible on the interior part of the hull. The number also must be affixed in some permanent way, either on the hull directly or on a plate so that if it were removed it could be clearly noticed. There are also requirements regarding your hailing port and the name of your boat and how they must be marked.

Getting Information about CFR

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