Applying for a MARAD Waiver for Your Vessel

Owning a business that uses a smaller boat as a piece of the operations has been something you have wanted to do for a while. You finally have your business plan in place, have the financing you need, and even have a vessel in mind that would be ideal for you to use for your services. The problem you have is that you are not sure your boat meets the standards set forth by the Coast Guard for commercial vessels in the United States. You know the ship you want to use is foreign-built, which goes against the restrictions and rules of the Coast Guard vessel registration for registering your ship. What you may not know is that the Marine Administration, also known as MARAD, offers exceptions and waivers that may apply to you. Applying for a MARAD waiver for your vessel can help you immensely so you can get your business going.

The Rules of the MARAD Waiver

There are certain restrictions that apply when you are seeking a waiver. Just as is the case for typical registration with the Coast Guard, you must be a United States citizen to apply for the exemption, and you must show proof of identification. The boat you are planning to use must be one that is small and cannot transport more than twelve people at once, and transportation can be the only use for your vessel. Finally, the ship needs to be older than three years. If you meet these conditions, you can move forward with the paperwork.

MARAD waiver

Handling the MARAD Application

Once you know that you meet the requirements for the MARAD waiver, you can then fill out the application. The paperwork is available from the Coast Guard, but the problem is that you must download it from their website, fill it out, and then mail it to their offices for approval. The process can take a while, leaving you waiting and wondering if everything is going through. You may have made a mistake, which can cause the offices to mail your forms back so you can start all over again, delaying the process even further. At Vessel Documentation Online, we offer you a better solution that can assist you.

Applying for Your Waiver

Here at Vessel Documentation Online, you can apply for a MARAD waiver without any hassles or problems. We offer the form you need on our website. All you must do is click the link, and the application will pop up immediately. You can fill out the form on your computer, attach your supporting document files in electronic form and send a secure payment to us all in just a few minutes. We even have our experts look the form over for you to make sure there are no errors before we pass it on to the Coast Guard for final approval. Let us help make your life easier so that you can get the waiver you need, allowing you to get your boat in the water so you can have the successful business you have dreamed about.