How Much Should You Pay to Obtain Vessel Documentation?

Boat Documentation Cost

As a boat owner, you have several legal responsibilities that you need to fulfill so you can use your vessel for commercial or recreational purposes. Boat documentation is one of them. It is an essential process to legally operate your vessel. But what is the boat documentation cost? How quickly is it to process it? What is the easiest way to begin? 

Understanding the Boat Documentation Cost

One of the costs associated with documenting your boat is the initial application fee. It can vary depending on the type of boat and its intended use. The initial application fee covers the cost of processing the documentation application, verifying the ownership of the vessel, and creating a unique vessel identification number. 

Yearly Renewal Fee

After your boat has been documented, you need to renew the documentation yearly. The renewal fee is lower than the initial application fee. But it is still an expense that needs to be considered when owning a documented vessel. 

Paying the Documentation Service 

You will also need to pay for additional costs for the services that we provide. Our service can assist with completing the documentation application, processing the application, and providing ongoing support for the documentation process. The cost depends on the kind of service you wish to use. Call us to know the exact cost you need to pay to document your boat. 

Benefits to Consider

Indeed, there are costs involved in documenting your boat. But there are also several benefits that you can enjoy. First, your boat is recognized by the US Coast Guard and it can travel internationally. This recognition provides greater flexibility for you if you want to use your boat beyond US waters. 

Furthermore, your documented boat will get a unique identification number that provides proof of ownership. This number can be useful when purchasing and selling vessels, as it provides a clear record of ownership and history. Your boat may also be eligible for certain tax deductions or exemptions, depending on how you use it. The benefits can definitely offset the cost of boat documentation over time. 

Ensuring All Paperwork is Filed Correctly 

You can process the boat documentation on your own. But if you want the fastest way to do it, you may consider our documentation service. Even though there is an additional cost, it is all worth it considering that you do not have to deal with a lot of nuances associated with processing boat documentation.


Keep in mind that boat documentation can be time-consuming. We recommend leaving it to the experts. Our team can help facilitate the transfer of ownership of your vessel and it is useful if you are buying or selling a vessel. We can also handle all the necessary paperwork and ensure that the boat documentation is completed correctly. 

If you still have questions about boat documentation costs and other matters related to this subject, please do not hesitate to contact us.