Doing a Vessel Documentation Search Online At Our Website

Vessel Documentation Search

Want to learn more about the past of the vessel you just bought? If so, the Vessel documentation Center may assist you in conducting a vessel documentation search. You may use this tool to determine whether your boat has had any previous problems. Additionally, the VDC may assist you in determining the current value of your property and any tax flexibility that may be available to you. In order to comply with vessel document standards, you are well-versed in the value of maintaining your documentation in its current state.

Accessing your vessel’s digital records via the Vessel Documentation Center (VDC) is made easy through an internet portal that makes it easy to keep your documentation organized. This article will teach you how to utilize the VDC tool to maintain your vessel documentation requirements, whether you’re looking for old records or current ones. Here are eight tips for getting the most out of your vessel documentation search:

Make Sure You Have the Correct Name and Federal Identification Number (FID) For the Boat or Ship You’re Searching For

For USCG vessel owners, you may be wondering whether it’s worthwhile to do an internet search for the relevant paperwork. Yes, you read it correctly! An online search tool provided by the Vessel Documentation Center (VDC) makes it simple to locate information about your vessel. You may utilize the Vessel Documentation Center for an online vessel documentation search. Just be sure the vessel is the appropriate one first.

For boats registered in the National Vessel Documentation Program, the FID number is the ten-character alpha code that the USCG assigns to each vessel (NVDPS). On your Certificate of Documentation, you’ll see the tracking number for your application materials. Searching the VDC online database for a federally documented vessel is also possible without an FID number.

Vessel Documentation Search

Use Advanced Search Features to Filter Your Results by Date, Ownership History, or Other Criteria

Entering the name of your boat or ship into the search area at the top of every page will get results quickly. There are over two million records for over three million boats, and it doesn’t include the half a million revisions to those records, so this method isn’t always successful according to An online search tool provided by the Vessel Documentation Center (VDC) makes it simple to locate information about your vessel. Being a well-informed boat owner necessitates doing a vessel documentation search. Information about boat and ship titles and current owners may be found in the USCG’s database, which can be searched. You may retrieve data going back to 1938 with only a few mouse clicks.

View Detailed Information about Each Record, Including Any Associated Fines or Suspensions

As a boat owner, you are likely to have a strong bond with your vessel. You may even have named it. That link may make it more difficult to sell the yacht. Even though the law doesn’t compel it, you should contact the US Coast Guard (USCG) as soon as possible to avoid fines and the potential suspension of your safe boating privileges. You can see further information about records by clicking the tiny gray tabs at the bottom of each record list. Each record’s blue-colored text indicates whether or not the record has any relationships. Users may access this information at the top of each record by clicking “View Complete Document.”

Download PDF Versions of All Results for Further Review Offline after Conducting a Vessel Documentation Search

The VDC provides a downloaded search result pdf for each of your inquiries, even though only official users, including vessel owners and operators, USCG-registered recorders, and authorized law enforcement personnel, may access the results online. A paper copy may be downloaded by clicking the “Download” button next to the “Search Results” item for a particular boat’s name if you do an electronic search for that name and receive a hit.

Instead of downloading the vessel documentation request pdf again, you can do so by logging into the VDC site (see below), clicking on “My Account” up top, and selecting “Vessels You Own” in the Navigation menu on the left. This will allow you to make any necessary updates to your vessel documentation search. If you own any boats or ships, this will show you a list of all the records you possess and information on their current state and download options.

The Vessel Documentation Center can help you discover the information you need, no matter what sort of boat you own or the purpose of your inquiry. If you own a boat, you’ll want to maintain all relevant papers close to hand and easily accessible. Get out on the water now with this simple-to-use application. If you’re selling or purchasing a boat, are sure you understand the ramifications of your actions and have everything in writing. When in doubt about your vessel’s VIN or unable to obtain information online, call us at 866-981-8783 for assistance.