Understanding Coast Guard Registration And Documentation Form

Coast Guard Registration Vessel Docs

Understanding Coast Guard Registration versus Documentation

Do you want to make sure that your vessel is fully protected in the water? You may be uncertain whether registration or documentation is the best way to go forward, and depending upon the type of ship that you have, you may not know which the right option to take is. You could choose to document your boat with the federal agency using a Coast guard registration and documentation form, or you could simply choose to register your vessel in the state where you intend to keep it. Knowing the difference and working out which is the right option for you can be important if you wish to keep your vessel safe.

Coast guard registration and documentation form


If you have a recreational vessel, then you are obliged to register that with the state government. Each state has a different type of registration form, so it is important that you choose the form which is right for your particular state. This registration is simply a formal document letting the state know that you have a vessel, and if you intend to occupy waters of another state for more than 60 days, for example if you are sailing on an extended holiday, then you will need to apply for each individual state. This can be time-consuming and lead to greater mistakes.


In order to be eligible for documentation for Coast Guard registration, you must be a US citizen, and your boat must be more than five net tons. Typically, boats which are over 25 foot long are likely to meet the weight requirements. The advantages of documentation include the fact that these boats may be used as recreational vessels, and may also be used for other projects as long as you document the vessel correctly. Using a certificate of documentation gives you greater opportunity for clearance in foreign waters, and also offers you protection.

Getting the Right Coast Guard Registration and Documentation Form

Whether you choose to use the simple form of Coast guard registration for your state, or want to go for full documentation, it is important that you complete the right forms. You may be able to get a lot of work completed by contacting us and asking us for our assistance. We are the experts in vessel documentation, and can supply you with the right forms to ensure the correct certification. To get our help today, just call us on 1-866-981-8783, or email us at info@nvdcrenewal.us now.