Checklist for Purchasing a Boat Out of State

Checklist for Purchasing a Boat Out of State

Before purchasing a boat out of state, make sure you’re familiar with workings of such a purchase. Let us say you placed a down payment on a vessel that’s currently in Florida, but you reside near San Diego. Let’s further assume that the boat you want to buy is a Four Winns v305 model, a really slick beauty. This is not to discourage you, but there will be several serious concerns involved in the process of purchasing the boat apart from the Boat Documentation. Here are some considerations that you need to take into account when you intend to purchase a boat out of state.

What you need to consider

There are several factors you’ll need to account for when purchasing a boat out of state. First and foremost, you have to see the boat and to do this you will need to allot some travel time. You also need a surveyor to assess the condition of the boat.

If the vessel requires repairs, have these done as well. Then you will have the issue of shipping the boat which will entail some expenses. This is just an overview of what to expect when buying a boat outside your home state.

Travel if you have to, to have a look at the boat before you buy it

Pictures or videos of the boat could look amazing, and these might have tempted you to make the down payment. Furthermore, it might even have an amazing price. This should make you think about a catch. Remember, you’re getting what you paid for.

To erase any doubt that you are getting duped, you need to travel and personally check the condition of the boat yourself. This is a good piece of advice that you would find on Vessel Documentation Online and other boat-related sites.

Checklist for Purchasing a Boat Out of State1

Ask help from a professional surveyor

Look for a surveyor who’s dependable, trustworthy, and who can inform you if the purchase is a good deal. You can find the right surveyor online where they base their qualifications on reviews.

You have to be at the venue when the professional performs the survey. This will ensure that the surveyor will do the job well. If there are repairs that need to be locally done, you can contact a certified Volvo Penta dealer in the area.

Find a slip in the harbor

You need to find one. Juggle dates if necessary, but it’s important that you verify the slip before the boat arrives in your locale. Make sure you don’t commit too early to avoid extra expenses.

Research and prepare for the shipping

Moving the boat from one state to another such as from Florida to California will entail a considerable amount of money. Choose a dependable shipper who’s insured, bonded, and who won’t overprice the shipping cost.

As mentioned earlier, there are many factors to consider when purchasing a boat out of state, such as financing and obtaining documentation.

Taking the final step

At the end of the day, the main thing to think about is: who can you trust? We’ve given you the basic considerations, but there’s a lot more to know. For instance, if you want more information on Boat Documentation, visit Vessel Documentation Online or call 1-866-981-8783. We’re glad to help you with any concerns or inquiries!