A Safety Guide – Boating Under the Influence

A Safety Guide to Boating Under the Influence

In general, recreational boating is a fun and relaxing activity. Therefore, a lot of people see boating as very different from driving a car. ¬†When you drive a boat while under the influence, it doesn’t seem as grave as it would be driving a car.

Since there isn’t a lot of traffic on the water compared to traffic on land, you may not think it’s a big deal. But as you would see on Vessel Documentation Online, the effects of drinking might severely impair your ability to drive your boat well and make good decisions.

Combine the noise, the glare, and the heat experienced while boating and the effects of alcohol will seem more intense. You’ll see the difference in your equilibrium, on your judgment, and all of your senses. To put it mildly, boating under the influence is not a safe action.

Boating accidents linked to boating under the influence

Every state has passed laws against BUI or boating under the influence. This came about due to the rise in boating fatalities and injuries which are drug and alcohol-related. The best way to avoid an arrest because of BUI is not to use drugs or drink alcohol while boating. This is one of the basic rules you would see in any Vessel Documentation.

Any BUI Guide provides information on how much of a dangerous activity boating under the influence is. Also, it offers many useful tips to help you evade a BUI arrest. Think responsibly whenever you head out on the water. Familiarize yourself with the risks and the laws so you can save lives.

No matter what type of vessel you operate, you could get arrested because of BUI. Then you have to face the legal penalties which may range from fines or forfeiture of your license to even spending time in jail, especially if you caused a fatal accident.


Safety tips to follow

Nobody wants to get caught in legal situations which may affect their freedom. If you want to ensure your safety and the safety of everyone else aboard your vessel, follow these tips:

A Safety Guide to Boating Under the Influence

Be very careful, especially during the holidays

Some of the deadliest weekends both on land and on water include those of Labor Day, the Fourth of July, and Memorial Day. During these holidays, there’s a rise in accidents and injuries involving alcohol. So if you’re boating during the holidays, be very careful and use your defensive boating skills.

Learn about all the boating regulations in your locale

If you plan to drive your boat to another state, read all of the local regulations of your destination. Vessel Documentation provides you with all the information you need about BUI laws and open alcohol containers in boats.

Require everyone on the boat to wear a life vest

Drinking alcohol already causes some negative effects. But when combined with all the other elements, your balance gets severely impaired. So, wearing a life vest is a very practical safety measure. In case you are in an accident, you can avoid fatalities if everyone wears life vests.

These are some of the simplest safety tips. If you want to learn more about Vessel Documentation, call 1-866-981-8783 or go to Vessel Documentation Online. In doing so, you can learn all you can do to keep yourself and all of your passengers safe.