The Age-Old Debate: Is it Bad Luck to Rename a Boat?

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Have you been considering renaming your boat but aren’t sure if it’s the right thing to do? Did you ever find yourself asking: “Is it bad luck to rename a boat?”Some believe that changing a boat’s name is bad luck, while others see it as an opportunity for a fresh start and renewed adventures. As a vessel documentation company, we are often asked about the implications of renaming a boat and how to choose the perfect name. At our site, you can select a name for your boat when filing your initial documentation. Plus, you can rename your boat if need be, as well. There are some factors to keep in mind about boat names. 

Is it Bad Luck to Rename a Boat?

The notion that renaming a boat brings bad luck is deeply rooted in maritime folklore. According to some traditions and some beliefs, every vessel has a soul or a spirit, and changing its name would anger the gods of the sea. Remember: these superstitions are not based on scientific evidence or logical reasoning. In reality, renaming a boat doesn’t bring any inherent bad luck. What matters most is picking a name for your vessel that you like, and that you want to be associated with. 

Reasons People Choose to Rename Their Boats

There are plenty of different reasons that folks choose to rename their boats. After all, a boat’s name often reflects the owner’s personality, interests, or a significant aspect of their life. Renaming allows boat owners to make their vessel truly their own and imbue it with a unique identity, especially if the owner has gone through some life changes. For example, when purchasing a pre-owned boat, the new owner might decide to rename it to establish a fresh connection with the vessel, marking the beginning of their ownership journey. Alternatively, boat renaming can also be prompted by rebranding efforts or significant upgrades to the vessel. A new name can align the boat with its updated image or enhanced capabilities.

Tips for Choosing a Great Boat Name

You want a boat name that’s right for your boat as well as for you. So, consider your personality, interests, or the boat’s purpose when brainstorming name ideas. Are you a fan of puns, nature, or a specific hobby? Incorporating these elements into the name can add a personal touch, but remember to be respectful.

What You Can’t Have in a Boat Name 

You can’t pick something that sounds like words used to solicit assistance at sea, whether in writing or when they’re pronounced. By that same token (and you very well could have known this) you can’t use any words that are obscene, racist, profane, or anything of that nature. If in doubt, use your common sense. Your boat name is a reflection of you, something that will be associated with you. So, have fun, but choose wisely. 

is it bad luck to rename a boat

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Renaming a boat doesn’t necessarily bring bad luck, but it is an endeavor that should be approached with respect and reverence for maritime traditions. By considering your own style, selecting a memorable name, and infusing it with meaning, you’ll be able to give your boat an identity that resonates with you and sets sail for countless unforgettable journeys on the high seas. When you’re looking for the right documentation for your vessel, we encourage you to see all that we offer here at our site.