Renew Coast Guard Documentation Before you Let it Expire

renew Coast Guard documentation

As you probably know, it’s important that your Coast Guard documentation is always in order. If you are setting sail and your vessel falls under the requirements for registration, then you should avoid letting the registration expire. The way to avoid this is to renew Coast Guard documentation before or right after your registration expires. Your registration is good for between one to five years after it was issued, depending on the time period you applied for. In order to confirm, check your registration for its expiration date. Is it time to renew? Here’s how you can do so depending on your vessel’s standing at the moment.

Renew Coast Guard Documentation

The best time to renew Coast Guard documentation is when it has yet to expire. This way, you can ensure the continuity of your documentation and you really don’t want to risk sailing without your documentation in place. After all, this can result in monetary penalties and even the forced docking of your vessel. When you first register your vessel, you have the option to get it for up to five years, so it can be easy to miss the renewal date. If it’s been some time since you checked, check again, and if the date is coming up fill out the renewal form found on the menu above. Please note that the form must reach the Coast Guard before the thirty day mark following your expiration, so plan ahead and don’t risk being late.

Your Documentation Already Expired

If your documentation already expired, you have two options. First, if it still hasn’t been thirty days since the expiration day, you may still renew it through the same renewal form we discussed above. However, if you are past the thirty day mark, then you will have to reinstate instead. Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to apply for your registration all over again. The reinstatement process is almost as simple as the renewal one, save for a few added pieces of information and a slightly higher application fee. This is also the renewal method for when you’ve left your vessel unregistered for a few years, whether it was because you semi-permanently docked it or you registered it in a different country. You will also find the reinstatement form here on our platform.

Vessel Documentation Online 

Has the time come to renew Coast Guard documentation? Are you lost in regards to the details of the process? Don’t stress, because that’s what our team is here for. By submitting your forms through us, you are not only ensuring that they reach the Coast Guard promptly and safely, but you are also relying on a team of experts to check your forms for any potential mistakes. Our team here at Vessel Documentation Online can guide you through any Coast Guard documentation process. All applications are available on our menu above and, if you are having trouble, give us a call at 1-866-981-8783 or email us at We’ll be in touch with you in no time.