Names for Speed Boats: What’s Hot, What Isn’t, and What to Pick

names for speed boats

Does it seem like finding the right name for your speed boat isn’t easy? When you read other names for speed boats, do they all seem wrong? A good name for a speed boat often reflects its characteristics, evokes a sense of excitement, and is memorable. At the National Documentation Portal, we help the owners of vessels that measure five net tons or more with their documentation. That said, we aim for our site to be an educational resource for boat owners from all walks of life. Below are some boat name tips. 

What Makes for Good Names for Speed Boats? 

Many speed boat owners clearly believe that the name should relate to the boat’s speed, power, or sleek design. Words like “Velocity,” “Adrenaline,” or “Turbo” are incorporated in so many boat names, but this goes in and out of style. Remember: a boat’s name can reflect the owner’s personality or the boat’s intended purpose. It could be playful, daring, or adventurous, depending on the individual’s preferences. When in doubt, choose a name that stands out helps make the boat memorable. Something else to keep in mind: brevity. Opt for a name that is easy to pronounce and remember. This facilitates clear communication and enables others to recall the boat’s name easily.

What Kinds of Speed Boat Names Maybe Should Be Avoided? 

It’s your speed boat, so you can name it what you want (more or less). Something that many vessel owners stay away from include something generic, without personality. Common, cliche boat names like “Seascape” or “Wave Rider” can lack originality and may not make a strong impression. Names that are excessively long or difficult to spell/pronounce can be inconvenient and may not resonate with others. Remember, if you choose to document your vessel, the name can’t be longer than 33 characters. Plus, it can’t be anything obscene or something used to solicit assistance at sea. 

How Can I Come Up With a Good Name for My Boat? 

It’s worth it to take this seriously, to try and think of a name that you would want to be associated with. So, when you start, maybe make a list of words related to speed, power, adventure, or any other qualities you want your boat’s name to embody. You may even want to look up existing boat names to gain inspiration and ensure your chosen name is unique. In a pinch, consider incorporating your own name, nickname, or something that reflects your personality or interests into the boat’s name. You don’t have to do this alone. You can share your shortlisted names with family, friends, or boating communities to gather feedback and suggestions.

names for speed boats

How Can the National Documentation Portal Help? 

If your vessel measures five net tons (basically is 25 feet long or longer) and is owned by a US citizen, you can document your vessel with the Coast Guard through our site. You can also choose to rename your vessel if you choose, too. To see all that we offer, click here.