What is a Documented Vessel?

documented vessel is registered through the USCG with the federal government.

To qualify for documentation, a vessel has to be owned by an American citizen and measure at least five net tons.

This measures volume and not weight. A vessel that measures 26 feet or longer almost invariably measures at least five net tons.

Pleasure boats (vessels used only for recreation) can be documented.

Vessels that are to be used in commercial activities (such as commercial fishing and/or coastwise trade) on the navigable waters of the United States/Exclusive Economic Zone must be documented.

A corporation can qualify as a United States citizen for the purposes of vessel documentation so long as the corporation is incorporated in the United States, and the number of “alien directors” is fewer than that required for a quorum. Additionally,  the president or other CEO are American citizens. To document your vessel through our site, click here.