CG 1258: What It Is and What It Can Do for You

CG 1258

Are you looking to document your vessel? Do you want to make sure that you use the right form for your boat? 

In the intricate world of maritime bureaucracy, where CG-1340 and CG 1258 are thrown around like nautical jargon, deciphering the purpose behind each document can be challenging, to say the least. We can help. Not only do we offer the CG 1258 form (among many others) but we also offer resources explaining why you may want this form as well.

This particular form can be a crucial tool, serving diverse purposes from initial documentation to replacement and reinstatement.

Initial Certificate of Documentation

If your vessel measures at least five net tons and is owned by an American citizen, then you can document it. But, if you’re going to use it for commercial purposes (such as transporting people and/or merchandise), then you must document it. 

To complete this form, you’ll want to choose it on our site and then fill in information such as the vessel name, official number, HIN number, hailing port, owner details, social security number, and both physical and mailing addresses.

Exchange: Using CG 1258 for Documentation Changes 

Changing ownership, name, home port, or incorporating new members necessitates the completion of the CG 1258 form. Submitting the previous certificate initiates the exchange process, ultimately leading to the issuance of a new certificate.

To be clear, at our site, you can find this under the “Transfer/Exchange” link. 

Replacement: Get Your Certificate 

When circumstances involve the loss or mutilation of your Certificate of Documentation, the Replacement application via our portal comes to the rescue, providing a lifeline to reestablish the vessel’s documented status.


Failure to renew within the grace period results in the need for reinstatement rather than a conventional renewal. If your certificate has lapsed for over a month, we can provide a lifeline to reinstate your vessel’s documented status.

Documents Available Online Through Our Portal 

We understand that filling out these forms can be a bit inconvenient (to say the least). As such, we’ve made it so that you can complete these forms from anywhere and on any device through our portal. 

Secure, SSL-Encrypted System

Offering a secure, SSL-encrypted space, this platform allows mariners to access and complete all of their forms entirely online. By selecting the desired form from the list available on the website, users can fill in the details, confident in the security of their information. 

This is true not just for the initial documentation, the renewal, the reinstatement, replacement, or anything else, but through all of the other forms that we offer. 

CG 1258
Applications with Purpose

When you come to our site, you can find what you need for properly navigating ownership changes, replacing lost certificates, reinstating lapsed documentation, or rediscovering the registry, understanding the purpose and applications of these forms can help so much. So, hoist the sails, set your course, and let us be your trusted guide in the vast ocean of maritime paperwork.