Acquiring Vessel Documentation Online and Maintaining It With Our Help

Vessel Documentation Online

Do you want to document your vessel but aren’t sure about the best way to do so? Does documentation seem a bit confounding at times? As fellow vessel owners, we’ve been in your shoes. We understand that the thought of “filling out vessel documentation” might evoke memories of taking a challenging math test back in high school.  It is this that, at least partially, motivated us to establish this portal for taking care of vessel documentation online

Our portal was designed to be a haven where vessel owners can effortlessly access the requisite forms and expedite the documentation process.

Initiating US Coast Guard Vessel Documentation Online

Should your vessel measure a minimum of five net tons and is owned by an American citizen, then you can document it. It’s crucial to note that “net tons” gauges volume, not weight. Typically, a vessel measuring 25 feet or longer is likely to meet the five net tons requirement. All necessary forms can be conveniently located on our site, streamlining the documentation process.

If your vessel meets the above criteria, you can document it. You have to document it if you plan on using it in fishing or coastwise trade on American navigable waters or in the Exclusive Economic Zone, documentation becomes imperative. 

Renewal Made Routine 

Once you’ve successfully navigated the initial documentation process, your vessel is set for a year. Before that date, however, you need to renew it. You’ll have to do this every year that you want to maintain documentation. 

While it may seem like an annual inconvenience, there’s good news – an alternative exists. 

Our platform enables you to renew your documentation for up to five years in advance. Rather than the annual hassle, our experts can handle the renewal logistics for you, offering peace of mind. If you anticipate remaining with your vessel for the next five years, we can simplify the process for you.

Reinstatement Protocol

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes documentation renewal slips your mind. Whether due to oversight or a last-minute realization that came long after the expiration, we’ve got you covered. 

With us, you’ll find comprehensive resources to reinstate your vessel documentation online if you missed the deadline. This ensures uninterrupted use of your vessel according to your preferences, even if the documentation has lapsed.

The Right Endorsement for the Job 

Every documented vessel is unique, serving diverse purposes. Consequently, various endorsements may accompany your documentation. For instance, if your vessel is intended for fisheries, there’s a specific endorsement for that purpose. 

Engaging Solely in Coastwise Trade? 

There’s an endorsement for that. Vessels designated for foreign trade fall under the “Registry” endorsement, while those used purely for recreation carry the aptly named “Recreation” endorsement. 

Remember: all vessels can be utilized for recreational purposes. 

Vessel Documentation Online
The Documents You Need Online 

Obtaining and maintaining US Coast Guard vessel documentation doesn’t have to be daunting. With our user-friendly platform and comprehensive resources, we aim to simplify the process, ensuring that vessel owners can navigate the seas of documentation with confidence and ease. To see how we can help, click here.