A Copy that Counts: USCG Certified Copy of a Certificate of Documentation

USCG Certified

Are you looking for a way to stay in compliance with the USCG in terms of documentation, come what may? Do you worry about losing your Certificate of Documentation? As you may know, to be in compliance when you operate your documented vessel, you must have a Certificate of Documentation. A picture of it, something you ran through a copier, a jpg in the cloud, none of that will suffice. Here at our site, you can apply for a USCG Certified Copy of a Certificate of Documentation. There are many reasons why vessel owners have done exactly that. 

Why a Vessel Owner May Want to Obtain a Copy 

Certified Copy of their Certificate of Documentation for various reasons. It can serve as proof of ownership of your vessel. A Certified Copy serves as official proof of ownership for the vessel. It can be useful when dealing with financial institutions, insurance companies, or government authorities that require documented evidence of ownership. Additionally, having a certified copy provides a backup in case the original Certificate of Documentation is lost, damaged, or stolen. It ensures that the vessel’s documentation status can be readily proven, even if the original certificate is unavailable.

More Ways a USCG Certified Copy Can Come in Handy 

Many of our clients obtain a certified copy of their Certificate of Documentation if a vessel has multiple owners, and so forth. For example, In cases where a vessel has multiple owners or co-owners, each party may want a certified copy of the Certificate of Documentation for their records, etc. Plus, if the vessel is being sold, transferred, or involved in any other type of transaction, a certified copy can be provided to the relevant parties as proof of documentation and ownership. It adds an extra layer of trust and verification during such transactions.

Replacement Certificates 

Yes, obtaining a certified copy is one of the most common reasons that vessel owners use our site, absolutely. That said, plenty of vessel owners come to us because their Certificate of Documentation has been lost or mutilated. If yours is lost or mutilated, then your vessel is not in compliance. To be eligible to use your vessel how you want to again, should your certificate have been lost or mutilated, you’re going to want to obtain a “Replacement” certificate. You can do that through our site as well. 

USCG Certified

Vessel Documentation for the Journey Ahead 

It’s important to remember that a “Certified Copy” is not a renewed certificate. Just because you obtained a copy that does not mean that your documentation has been renewed. You still have to do that every year or, should you choose to do so, up to five years in advance. Plus, if anything should change that appears on your documentation, you can update it through our site as well. To see all of the ways that we can help vessel owners like you, we invite you to check out our site.