USCG Exchange and Other Forms For When the Seas Change

USCG Exchange

As fall turns to winter, the fall foliage stops, as the last leaves fall to the ground. Going out on the water is always fun, always enjoyable, yet, when the wind changes, so too can your course. Squalls, waves, and more can appear without a moment’s warning. When they do, you have to alter your course. You may have to take a different route to get to where you want to go. The same can be said of vessel documentation. When your life and plans change, we have the documentation that can help. That way, you’re always in compliance with the powers that be. The USCG Exchange/Transfer and other forms can help with exactly this. 

Transfer/USCG Exchange Forms 

Has it become time to change your vessel’s ownership? Are you selling it to someone else? Have you decided to give it to your child, your brother, cousin, or someone else? Alternatively, did you co-own the vessel with someone, and it’s time to take their name off of the ownership? At Vessel Documentation, we offer the “Transfer/Exchange” forms and more. When the vessel’s ownership changes, you should send in this form as quickly as possible. That way, the vessel can continue doing what it’s supposed to do (in full compliance) no matter who owns it. 

Transfer Exchange of USCG Documentation

What to Keep in Mind About this Form 

This isn’t often the kind of form that you can just send in on a whim, or without talking to someone else. For example, say there’s an outstanding mortgage on the vessel that hasn’t been paid off yet. If you want to change the ownership name, then you need to satisfy that mortgage. Alternatively, the other course of action is to get permission from the lender to complete the transfer. Once you’ve done this, then and only then can you complete this form. 

Change of Address, Vessel Name, and Hailing Port 

An often-used vessel rarely stays in one place for very long. The same can be said of many vessel owners. When you move, these forms can keep you in compliance. Speaking of changes, maybe you wake up one day and realize that the name for your vessel isn’t exactly what it should be. We can help you to change that, as well. When you decide to dock elsewhere, changing your hailing port can make that possible, too. 

All the Forms You’ll Need for the Journey 

The truth is that even the most experienced vessel owner can’t predict with 100% certainty where life will take them. All you can do is to be as prepared as possible and then respond quickly. Our forms can help you to do the latter. That way, whether the journey takes you to new homes, new hailing ports, or other experiences, you’ll be able to always use your vessel how you want legally. Should you have any questions about which of these forms are right for you or anything else, call us at (866) 981-8783.