Transfer of Ownership Form

How to Properly Fill your Transfer of Ownership Form

The Transfer of Ownership form is a formal document used, among others, to hand over the ownership of a boat from one person to another. On some occasions other than when you are purchasing a vessel, it can be used to make any changes to a vessel’s endorsement status, to add or remove a spouse…

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boat documentation cost

Reasonable Boat Documentation Cost for Vessel Owners from All Walks of Life

Owning a boat is something many people dream of. Have you ever sought out documentation services for your ship? If you’ve ever had to go through this, you know it can be a costly endeavor. Registration and the boat documentation cost may run into the thousands of dollars, and that’s before any connected expenditures like…

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Boat Bill Of Sale

Warranty Boat Bill Of Sale: What Is It, and How It Works

If you’ve ever bought a dealership-advertised secondhand boat, you undoubtedly have a warranty bill of sale in your filing cabinet. With this document, you’ll be able to establish that your boat includes specific guarantees and that warranty repair will be performed directly by the manufacturer or reseller. A boat warranty bill of sale is a…

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boat bill of sale

A Guide on the Boat Bill Of Sale in California

The boat bill of sale records the transfer of ownership between two parties trading in watercraft or boating equipment. A legally enforceable document means that if there is a disagreement about the provisions set forth within it, the document will be enforced. In California, if you are a vessel owner, you are probably acquainted with…

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Preferred Ship Mortgage

Understanding the Preferred Ship Mortgage

So what is a preferred ship mortgage? It is a type of mortgage that protects you as the lender. Maritime liens other than preferred Maritime Liens do not prioritize First Preferred Ship’s Mortgages, which are lodged against vessels registered with the United States Coast Guard. A First Preferred Ship’s Mortgage is a mortgage recorded against…

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