How to Get a Boat’s Abstract of Title Online (and Why You Might Want to)

boat Abstract of Title

Does it seem like it’s more challenging to get information about a boat than it should be? Do you ever find yourself filling out one vessel documentation form after another only to get frustrated and want to just not do it anymore? You aren’t alone. Before we started our site, we were just like you: vessel owners frustrated with the vessel documentation process. If you’re looking for more information about a vessel from a source you can trust, we can help: you can find a better process for acquiring a boat abstract of title right here at our site. 

What’s in an Abstract of Title 

To put it bluntly, the information that you might want about a vessel can be found here. If you have your eye on a vessel for potential purchase, an abstract of title can be invaluable. With one of these, you can find out when a vessel was manufactured, who did the manufacturing, and where it took place. Additionally, you’ll know the entire chain of ownership of the vessel, as well as if any of those owners had liens and mortgages against the vessel. Moreover, you’ll know whether or not those liens and mortgages were satisfied, too. 

boat Abstract of Title

Why You Might Want to Receive One of These 

You might want an abstract of title so that you don’t end up buying a boat that’s a “lemon,” to put it simply. If there are liens and mortgages against a vessel and you don’t know about them, you could run into any number of problems potentially stemming from them in the future. A strong majority of vessel owners looking to sell their vessels are truthfully, but unfortunately, there are those who would lie about a vessel’s age, how many owners it has had, and so forth. An abstract of title tells the absolute truth. 

How to Apply for a Boat’s Abstract of Title 

You can do it through our site in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is to click on the “Abstract of Title” on the left-hand part of our site. Then, fill out the form. If you have the information you need in front of you, this can go quickly. To speed up the process further, just fill out the parts with the red asterisks. Beyond that, you can fill out these forms on your schedule as well from practically anywhere so long as you’re connected to the internet (and on any device, too)! 

Other Ways to Get a Vessel’s Information at Our Site and More 

The Abstract of Title is a great way to get more information about a vessel. But, it’s far from the only way you can do this at our site. Indeed, you can also perform a thorough vessel documentation search here, too. Plus, if you’re interested in a vessel in some other countries, you could use the Foreign Vessel Registry/Title Search form here, too. To see all that we offer, head to our site.