How to Sell a Documented Vessel: Paperwork Matters

selling a documented vessel

Wondering how to sell a documented vessel? You’re in the right place. The process doesn’t have to be scary or time-consuming. While filing documentation when you sell a watercraft is important, the process has been fully automated and you can do all of it online, saving time and energy. So how is it done? This article will go through the steps with you, as well as tell you why the paperwork is such an important part of selling your boat. Ready to get started? Keep reading. 

Find Out How the Process Works

Before you are able to sell your boat, you will have to be able to prove ownership via the correct documentation. Without this proof, it may be difficult to find a legitimate buyer and complete the process in a legal manner. Ownership transfer records or county records that show ownership are examples of documents that will work. If you have questions, we can help you navigate the steps for selling your boat, which you can do online.

Create a Bill of Sale

There are extra guidelines to be aware of if you’re selling a documented vessel, versus selling an undocumented boat. A bill of sale becomes very important because it outlines the sale price, date, and parties involved in the sale, including dates and signatures. You’ll also have to prove the transfer of ownership along with the bill of sale. Once all the paperwork is in order, you’re ready for the next step. 

File the Proper Paperwork

To continue documenting the vessel, the sale paperwork will need to be filed with the appropriate authorities. The new owner may choose to continue with documenting the vessel. However, as long as you can prove a transfer of ownership and a bill of sale, you will have done your part. Be ready to produce additional documentation along the way, which may come up in some cases. Provided you have everything boat-related handy, you should have no trouble getting through the process. 

Why the Paperwork is Important

As you can probably imagine, selling a boat without documentation is risky and not recommended. Not only will there be no proof of new ownership, leaving you liable for anything involving the boat, but it’s important to let the maritime authorities know who owns a specific vessel, especially if the new owners plan to change the name of the boat. Without proper paperwork, you won’t have proof of your steps to sell the boat and could even face legal trouble down the road because you failed to execute the sale correctly. 

Selling a boat, whether you’re upgrading or you simply don’t use it anymore doesn’t have to be an overwhelming venture. Working through each step as it comes up will get you from start to finish with ease. The Vessel Documentation Center is here to help and show you how to sell a documented vessel. Contact us today and we’ll help you get the most important paperwork taken care of.