CG-1258: Gateway to the Waterway


Do you want to fill out your vessel documentation, yet when you sit down to do it you find that it’s so confusing and off-putting you just stop? When you see specific codes and phrases like CG-1258 do you suddenly want to do anything else? You aren’t alone. Filling out vessel documentation forms is just as exciting as picking excess seaweed out of your propeller (if not less so). These are some of the reasons that we made our site: so that anyone could fill out the forms they need that much easier. 

CG-1258 Explained 

The official name for this form is “Application for Initial Issue, Exchange, or Replacement of Certificate of Documentation; Redocumentation.” With a name that long, it’s easy to see why most opt for just the number. The truth is that this form can help you to be in compliance with so many different laws in regards to your vessel. If you have this form or its variations filled out properly, you may have your initial documentation up to date, you can exchange the ownership of the vessel, replace a lost or damaged Certificate of Documentation, or even reinstate your documentation should it have expired. 

The Form Made More Palatable 

As you might imagine, plenty of vessel owners need to use this form to be in compliance, as there are so many who need to perform those exact actions. At our site, we strip away the legalese. Instead of wondering if that form is right for you, head to our site. Go to the left, and let your cursor drift from one form to another. A black box should pop up to the right letting you know exactly what that form can do. You’ll see that we have everything covered that the CG-1258 form does. Better still, we make it easy to fill out. 

One Form to Do So Much 

The truth is that, through the course of owning your vessel, you’re probably going to encounter this form a few times. It’s entirely possible that you’ll have to document your vessel with the Coast Guard. If you do, then you’ll probably want to renew it. Should you fail to do so, or it expires for any other reason, then you’ll have to use this form to renew it. If you transfer ownership of the vessel or exchange it with someone else, then you’ll be back to this form again. 

How to Know if the Form is Right for You 

At our site, you can fill out this form and so many others with just a few keystrokes. You can do so on practically any device, so long as it has an internet connection. If you have any questions, our staff is happy to answer them. In fact, we can even walk you through the form, line by line if you’d like. We can help you to determine whether this form of documentation or any other is right for you. For more information, email us or call (866) 981-8783.