What a Boat Registration Search at Our Site Can Do and How We Can Help

Boat Registration Search

Have you been trying to learn more about a given vessel that you’re interested in but aren’t sure who to turn to for information? Does it feel as if it’s more difficult than ever to find vessel info you can trust? The internet provides lots of information, certainly, but it can be more challenging than ever to find information from an unimpeachable source. That’s what we can offer through a boat registration search at our site as well as through other methods. 

What Does a Boat Registration Search Show? 

A search at our site is simple: just type in a vessel’s HIN (hull identification number) or its Official Number. With that, you’ll get information about the boat’s registration, such as if it’s registered, the status of that registration, when it expires (if applicable), and so forth. Beyond that, you’ll also be provided the vessel’s dimensions, as well as plenty of other particulars. This information comes from a source you can trust: the United States Coast Guard database. 

How Can I Find Vessel Ownership Information? 

If you read through the above paragraph, you’ll note that at no point did it say “owner.” That information was scrubbed from the internet sometime in 2018. You can still use our site to learn the identity of a vessel’s owner, the chain of ownership, and so forth. All you have to do is to apply for an Abstract of Title. This Abstract will give you not just the owner but all of the owners when the vessel has been documented. Beyond that, you’ll also be provided the truth about any liens or mortgages on the vessel, whether they’ve been satisfied or if they’re outstanding, and more. 

How Can I Learn About Vessels in Other Countries? 

Beyond the above options, we can also provide you with a way to learn more about vessels in select other countries, too. If you have your eye on a vessel in the UK, Canada, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, and elsewhere, you can use the “Foreign Vessel Trade Request” form at our site. That will give you a comparable amount of information as the forms listed above. 

Why Is It Important to Know This Information About a Vessel? 

So that you make the right decision. You don’t want to purchase a vessel that’s in worse condition (or older) than you’ve been led to believe. Moreover, you certainly don’t want to buy a vessel that has all manner of undisclosed liens and/or mortgages against it. Really, by gathering the information listed above, you’re protecting your investment as well as yourself. 

Boat Registration Search

A Home for Boat Documentation 

Those are just some of the forms of vessel documentation that we can help you to procure. Indeed, many who use the above forms to choose a vessel for purchase then turn around and use our site to register their vessel with the USCG. To see all of the ways that we can help, click here.