67.265 – Requirements for Instruments Evidencing Satisfaction or Release

An instrument satisfying or releasing a mortgage, a notice of claim of lien, or a preferred mortgage presented for filing and recording must:

(a) Meet all the requirements of subpart O of this part;

(b) Be signed by or on behalf of:
(1) Each mortgagee if a mortgage; or
(2) Each claimant if a notice of claim of lien; and

(c) Recite the following:
(1) The name of each mortgagor, if any, and the name of each mortgagee or claimant;
(2) The amount of the mortgage or claim of lien; and
(3) Information which clearly identifies the mortgage or claim of lien being satisfied or released. Such information will normally consist of the book and page where that mortgage or claim of lien is recorded. If the recording information cannot be provided because the satisfaction or release is being submitted prior to recording of the mortgage or claim of lien, the instrument must recite other information sufficient to clearly identify the encumbrance being satisfied or released.