67.231 – General Requirements; Optional Application for Filing and Recording

(a) A mortgage or related instrument presented for filing and recording must meet all of the requirements of subpart O of this part in addition to the pertinent
section(s) of this subpart.

(b) All instruments supplemental to mortgages must recite information which clearly identifies the mortgage to which the supplemental instrument is applicable. Such information will normally consist of the book and page where that mortgage is recorded and the date and time of filing. If the submission of the supplemental instrument is contemporaneous with submission of the mortgage, the information should include the names of all parties to the mortgage, the date of the mortgage, and the amount of the mortgage.

(c) An Optional Application for Filing (CG–5542) may be attached to a mortgage or related instrument. If form CG–5542 is properly completed with all information required for indexing the instrument and the signature(s) specified thereon, the instrument to which it is attached will be filed and recorded with no further review.