the Code of Federal Regulations to Recreational Boating safety

The Code of Federal Regulations to Recreational Boating Safety Explained

Once you have your craft and your certification or license the next thing to think about is safety. It is a good idea to think of your boat as a vehicle, which in fact it is. It moves like any other type of vehicle, whether powered by muscle, wind, or motor. The only difference is…

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a Marad Waiver

Do You Qualify for a Marad Waiver?

The Maritime Administration of the United States (Marad) grants waivers of the existing regulations only when your intended purpose doesn’t cause “undue adverse effect” on other operators or shipbuilders. A Marad waiver exempts provisions that may occur under one particular set of circumstances. Primarily, it depends on the use to which you intend to use…

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A Coast Guard Documented Vessel Bill Of Sale

Why You Must Have A Coast Guard Documented Vessel Bill Of Sale

You have decided to buy a second-hand boat which is on the US Coast Guard registry, and know that in order to successfully complete the purchase and record that the seller is no longer the owner of the boat, you will have to obtain a coast guard documented vessel bill of sale. This is essential…

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What Is An Abstract Of Title

What Is An Abstract Of Title? Understanding This Important Certificate

As the brand-new owner of a vessel in US waters, you may be wondering exactly what is an abstract of title? It is important as a boat owner for you to understand the principles behind this documentation, including learning how it can help you, and what information the title will include. As a brand-new owner,…

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USCG Forms

Will Your USCG Forms Be Affected By Government Shutdowns?

The government shutdown has affected a number of industries, and maritime services are not exempt from agency problems. The shutdown affects the handling of maritime services in a number of ways. Firstly, because they are not paying their staff, there is a lack of personal in your offices to handle paperwork, and secondly because they…

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